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What classes of businesses can RTU transfer?
Whilst RTU predominantly focuses on Workers’ Compensation, General Liability (including Products & Professional Liability), and Auto Liability. We can source & transfer all classes of business to the carrier.

What states will RTU be licensed in?
RTU is domiciled in Connecticut and licensed in most states with remaining states in process of completing licensing requirements.

Are there any restrictions as to what policies can be transferred?
Typically, RTU will transfer only those claims which are 3 or more years old. This not only allows a more accurate price to be provided, but as we believe self insurance is fundamental to the risk management strategy of the corporate parent, it also allows the corporate to continue to utilise its self insurance programme for years 0 to 3 if they so wish.

What does RTU/carrier charge?
RTU’s actuaries will determine an indicative price in a relatively short time frame.

What is the carrier’s rating?
The carrier boasts one of the highest financial strength ratings of any insurance company in the United States.

Would we need to seek regulatory approval prior to the transfer?
The transfer process is simple and should not require regulatory approval. However this will be investigated on a case by case basis.

What does RTU require to be able to price?
In order to provide an indicative price, basic loss data is requested. Indicative pricing can take as little as 3 or 4 business days.

How long does the process typically take?
Assuming receipt of full data in accordance with RTU’s data requirements, we would expect to be able to complete due diligence within approximately 90 -120 days.

How soon will the corporate parent’s collateral and/or excess reserves be released?
As soon as the transfer agreements have been completed and the corporate and fronting insurer are no longer at risk for the associated years, the collateral and any excess reserves should be released immediately.

Can the collateral be deployed anywhere within the Group?
Yes. Once released the collateral can be deployed as the Group so wishes.

How are future claims settled for the liabilities of years transferred?
It is expected that the new carrier will assume the responsibility of claims handling, subject to agreement with the client.

Can we continue to utilize our self insurance programme?
Yes. As it is RTU’s policy to typically only transfer policies that are 3 or more years old, the corporate will continue to be self insured for years 0-3. Once each of these years becomes 3 or more years old, RTU will be happy to price for a transfer of this year. This creates a potentially long-term ongoing relationship between RTU and the corporate.

Is this simply a Loss Portfolio Transfer?
No, RTU offers an innovative solution which creates total finality and certainty for both the fronting insurer and the corporate parent. We can however facilitate loss portfolios where responsive to client needs.