About Us

Established  June 2011, Risk Transfer Underwriting, Inc. (RTU) is a specialist provider of innovative solutions for legacy liabilities, with a particular, but not exclusive, focus on self-insured Workers' Compensation. 

RTU offers a sound balance sheet solution for discontinued insurance liabilities. If you are responsible for a company who self-insures  through captives, risk retention groups, self-insured retentions, large deductibles or any means of retaining insurance liabilities on your  balance sheet, you can now transfer these liabilities with finality so  as to eliminate the need for collateral, either in the form of letters  of credit or trust accounts.  All of this while keeping the option to continue writing self insurance should your company wish to do so.

As a licensed producer in all states, RTU's objectives are fully aligned with our client's.  We only succeed when our products successfully  place legacy portfolios with quality markets at the best price  available.  The majority of RTU's business comes from brokers, agents  and wholesalers who have longstanding relationships with self-insureds  and policyholders, but recognize the value of a specialist when it comes to addressing legacy liabilities.


Stephen Bailey, Chief Operating Officer

Tara Forschino, Account Manager

Office Location

Risk Transfer Underwriting, Inc.

340 Madison Avenue, Suite 1911, New York, NY 10173