What classes of business can RTU transfer?
While RTU predominantly focuses on Workers’ Compensation, General  Liability (including Products & Professional Liability), and Auto Liability. We can source & transfer all classes of business including asbestos and black lung.

Which states is RTU licensed in?
RTU is domiciled in Connecticut and licensed in all states. 

What does RTU require to be able to price?
In order to provide an indicative price, basic loss data is required and ideally a prior actuarial study. 

How long does the process typically take?
Assuming receipt of full data in accordance with RTU’s data requirements, we would expect to be able to complete due diligence within approximately 90 -120 days.

How soon will the corporate parent’s collateral and/or excess reserves be released?
As soon as the transfer agreements have been completed and the corporate and fronting insurer are no longer at risk for the associated years, the collateral and any excess reserves should be released immediately.

Can the collateral be deployed anywhere within the Group?
Yes. Once released the collateral can be deployed as the Group so wishes.

How are future claims settled for the liabilities of years transferred?
It is expected that the new carrier will assume the responsibility of claims handling, subject to agreement with the client. 

Is this simply a Loss Portfolio Transfer?
No, RTU offers an innovative solution which creates total finality and certainty for both the fronting insurer and the corporate parent.  However, we can facilitate loss portfolios transfers where responsive to client needs.